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Dirty Douks negotiates the parallels within their queer and Doukhobor identities as resistive practices that don’t neatly fit within either category. Clumsy translations, tender dialogues and bright pink beet stains attempt to find the in-between of these identities. Using knowledge well known and unknown, Dirty Douks examines simultaneously the recalibration of history as well as the futility (or failure) of the passing on of generational history. Dirty-Douks fumbles through the history of actions, failing to properly translate or neatly fit their queer bodies within the framework of Doukhobor(ness). Through the investigation of Doukhobor history and generational trauma within the lense of queerness and a tilted perspective, Dirty Douks creates an emotionally informed recalibration and reformation of Doukhobor history.

Spirrrit Wrrrestlerrs was exhibited originally at the Marion Nicoll Gallery in 2019.

Photos courtesy of Ryley Williams and the Marion Nicoll Gallery