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chez nous? (ver. 01)

A collaboration with Ryley Williams

  chez nous? (ver.01) is a recalibration of each word, over and over. The intricate to-and-fro from French and English demands: what is the thing that cannot be translated? What is remembered in translation? An intangible space where neither party understand each other. This work touches on this, as well as using translation as a direct comparison of distance and space, particularly within the context of the West, and the imagery used in the work.
   The questions both respond to the previous question and skirt around the subject at hand. Speaking in different languages and allowing for the translation to occur through the subtitles employed in the projections highlights the slippage between languages, and where the gaps occur between the audio and the caption. The translation of the voices through the captions, inevitably imperfect due to the lack of equivalent words for each language further the gap.