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 Beat Juice is a video piece in which Eyre and Bunnell stamp each other with beets, using text found from articles written about their great-aunts, both members of the Sons of Freedom movement. The text is first written 50 years ago, then carved into beets, then stamped onto bodies, and finally translated into Russian in the video. The video acts as a memoriam to the artists aunts and their actions, carried on the bodies of their relatives, years later. The audio features the artist’s great grandmother and grandfather singing an orthodox Doukhobor song, distorted and slowed down, incomprehensible.

  Dirty Douks is a collaboration between Alexa Bunnell and Skylar Eyre, both of Doukhobor descent, based on Treaty 7 Territory. Dirty Douks is primarily concerned with the intersection of queerness and Doukhobor identity, manifesting itself through performative works, video and photo.